Thursday, February 10, 2005


Confessions Of A Survivor

I have a confession of sorts..for many years i have kept a secret because i have been ashamed..And i've carried around alot of guilt but im finished as of now... as of today...
I am an incest survivor..when i was 7 years old..i was molested by a family member...I have no conscious memory of it ..i know because the abuser was bold enough to tell me 4 years ago ..when they tried to push up on me again...of course i threatened to scream it to the high heavens if they ever tried it again..So that ended that...
I begged my mother for her silence only because i didnt want to bring my family down ....We sacrifice alot for our families in life...What changes things now is that yesterday i found out i wasnt alone this person had been abusing people in my family for many years ...while we cant do anything about the past..We will no longer be a silent collaborator..should the abuser repeat their pattern...and i beg all of you if you've been where ive been...fight for your life fight for your dignity....fight for our children who will inherit the earth

More about my week to follow....

Friday, February 04, 2005



Expectations are a funny thing..They can be a blessing or a curse...The Blessings can happen when you reach a level of sucess that isnt unattainable..but blessings can be a curse when those same lofty expectations are not met over and over again .Take a massively sucessful artist like janet jackson or Madonna. These ladies have reached a multitude of sucess that many artist male or female can only dream of. But, in recent times both ladies have seen sales in decline
Many say that these ladies are simply out of touch with todays music.But i look at it as a growth
because these ladies have always made their own way wheither it be defying the record executives or simply defying societies double standard of the meek female/ingenue why now is it so wrong to follow your own compass or simply do what your good at?

Expectations can be a scary thing for us common folk too ..Next week..My Parents Go to court and attempt to bring their divorce to a close..Much speculation has been made about who and what ...and to be quite honest Its been a tense 2 years Much has been said about our own survival and wheither or not we'll make it even by family members and doubts have been raised all i know is that no matter what happens i will be by my mothers side ..and we will simply go on and rebuild..Im thankful to be headed towards an ending..It simply doesnt matter what others think.My only expectation is survival and i think we're making it.. Mom and i may not be societys grand wish But the only expectations we should have to meet is that of our own

I saw Tina Turner On Oprah today and i have a deep appreciation for her..shes an unbelievable performer especially at 65 Yes i know shes not young and hip like ciara but she outshines the youth standard to me .. tina turner should be a shining example of what being a survivor means. I'd like to think we all have some of that with in us.
food for thought


Care (Spoken Word)

Care (Poem)

We must continueTo Ask ourselvesDo we really care,If we dare,To really care,why do we see the suffering Pretend its not there
Atomic bombs could fall,Civilization could dieA thousand deaths,Before we wake up And ask ourselves,If we dare,Do we really care,
Maybe its what we need Why should we sufferTo fullfill another mans evil deeds Until that dayWe need to reap What we sow Our own selfish needs,Then ask ourselves, If we dare, Do we Really Care?

Thursday, February 03, 2005


Here We Go....

Hey Everyone...

You would think by my name and all I'd be good at this and maybe words are my gift and my creativity..but im very nervous about this but some friends of mine keep telling me to give this a try so here i am

Where do i begin?

My name is chris im 28 years old and im an aspiring songwriter ..I have cerebral Palsy so my perspective is of one that is in a wheelchair. oddily enough i feel blessed in who i am ..because here i am ..Im in this situation but yet im basically healthy and i have intelligence ..There is still so much for me to learn about in i hope you all will join me for this unique experience called life

Here We go....

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